About Arianna Papalexopoulos

Arianna Papalexopoulos may not be a character from Greek Mythology, but she sure keeps the gods laughing with her comedy channel, TwinGirlPeeks. Not only has she had multiple videos go viral stateside, but she also gets recognized on the streets of Greece, where her content is celebrated as a representation of the nation's modern culture, different from the perspective of non-Greeks that is often informed by the country's notable history. 

Arianna's popular digital content celebrates both her roots and the experiences of American immigrants and their first-generation children. Her most successful character, Greek mom, is a reflection of the women who molded her, both American immigrants and Greeks who never left the homeland. Greek heritage informs not only who she is, but is also the cornerstone of her comedic voice. 

Many assume that TwinGirlPeeks pays homage to either David Lynch's hit series, Twin Peaks, or your creepy old neighbor's favorite restaurant, Hooters. The true origin is a YouTube channel she established with a friend after finishing their undergrad at UCLA, and refers to the two young women's homes on the opposite sides of the San Francisco landmark, Twin Peaks.

While the name TwinGirlPeeks is a tribute to her northern California roots, the logo, too, has always been an integral aspect of her brand and its connection to her past, present, and future. The original was designed by illustrator Lea Carey, and the latest, a symbol of her hometown of San Francisco, her current home in Los Angeles, and her Greek heritage, was created by an award-winning design studio in Greece, Bob Studio. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this logo and the channel it represents are worth hundreds of thousands of followers.

TwinGirlPeeks is nearing 300,000 followers on multiple platforms, with videos reaching 14 million views on TikTok. Both Arianna's undergraduate theatre degree from UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television and masters degree in Digital Media from USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism have synergized to expand her lifelong comedy skills into rewarding content that has brought joy to so many. An actress, writer, producer, and content creator, Arianna has always been driven by a passion for entertaining others and bringing love, laughter, and life to the world around her and the people in it. You're more likely to find her center stage than in the chorus, but if the numbers are any indication, the Greek chorus has her back.

 Apart from performing, you can find Arianna on the islands or mountains of Greece, cheering on the Golden State Warriors, or getting lost off the 101 Freeway.